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    Betsy Franco

    • Betsy is an award-winning author/actor of over 80 published books
    • Her play Metamorphosis, Junior Year, premiered at the Palo Alto Children's Theatre to sold-out audiences.
    • She also has experience acting on stage, on TV (General Hospital), and in film (James Franco's The Broken Tower). 
    • She acts in and write sketch comedy as a member of Suburban Squirrels.
    • Her actor sons, James Franco and Dave Franco, got her into the world of acting.
    • She always have teen consultants, and wrote the monologues on this site with the help of students involved with the Palo Alto Teen Arts Council.*
    • See for more information.
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    * Thank you to the students involved with the Teen Arts Council at the Palo Alto Children's Theatre for their dedication in helping me create this book: Leah Victoria Bleich, Carolyn Burt, Cara Friedman, Jacqueline Friduss, Jonathan Friduss, Carly King, Liana Krakirian, Rebecca Krieger, Sivan Spector, and Ivy Sanders Schneider.  A special thanks to Regina Victoria Fields, my intern, for her invaluable help throughout.

    Tom Franco

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    • Tom Franco painted the cover of 21 Monologues for Teen Actors.  
      • He is the director of the Firehouse Art Collective - a California based group creating spaces for artists of all disciplines to co-create community and culture -  
      • Tom is a mixed media sculptor and painter collaborating heavily with select artists of all ages in the greater Bay Area.  
      •  He is the co-founder of 23Monkeytree productions which is the food branch of the art collective producing artisan kombucha beverages.
      • He illustrated the novel, Metamorphosis, Junior Year, in collaboration with his mom Betsy Franco.  Those illustrations, which were animated and projected on the set of the play of Metamorphosis, were a major element of the production.
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        photo by Julia Lazar