Audition Tips

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  • Does my monologue fit the piece I'm auditioning for?
  • Do I need to shorten the monologue to fit the audition requirements?  Do I need to tweak it slightly to fit me?
  • What is my character's history? (family, living space, likes, dislikes, problems, secrets, clothing, hobbies, obsessions, etc.).
  • What time period is the piece?  Do I need to do some research?
  • Who am I talking to? 
  • How does my character change during the course of the monologue?
  • Where are the mood changes, the beats in the monologue?
  • Am I prepared?  Do I understand what I'm saying?  Have I practiced enough?  Do I need to rehearse in front of someone else?

 Once you're prepared, it's time to stop thinking and just relax into the character.

  • Don't dress in costume, but it can help to wear clothes that are somewhat appropriate to the part. 
  • Don't bring props.
  • Find a way to relax.  Breath deeply.  Shake out your body.  Smile to yourself.  Picture yourself having fun in your audition.
  • Take a deep breath before starting.
  • Introduce yourself with your name, your character's name, the source, and the author.
  • If you make a mistake, just keep going.  Chances are, no one will notice.  Even if they do, mistakes don't necessarily make it or break it for you, if you're right for the part.
  • Be fearless. 
  • Stay still for a few seconds after your last line.  It seals the audition.
  • Thank the people on the audition panel.
  • Congratulate yourself no matter what happens.  You've just gained experience auditioning.