About the Monologues

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The monologues are mainly taken from my play, my screenplay, and my novels (both published and in development).  Some are written specifically for this project.

Each monologue includes:
• character description
• background information and context
• approximate length

Note: These monologues are eligible for competitions and conferences, because they are all included in Betsy Franco's scripts, "Metamorphosis, Junior Year", and "Irrepressible."

Table of Contents

Female Comedy

My Full Weave

The Guy Who Draws Me

Weighty Talk

Categorizing Snakes

Cheesecake and the Pill

Gentile Herpes and other STDs

Female Drama 
Like Apollo and Daphne

Chloe's Older Brother

Camille's Past Life

Fear of Dogs

Rehab Blues

Male Comedy
Tripping on Lotus


Grunger and Girls

Sneaking Facebook

When Girls Are Friends 

Male Drama
Risk of Partying

Triggering Dad


Beat up in 1939

After Thena Ditched

I am very grateful to James Franco and Lacey Dorn for filming the monologues and to Christian Pease and Joe Garappolo of Light at 11b for their still photography.  Thank you to Chad Eschmann for generously designing the book for us, and to Tom Franco for his beautiful cover.

Thank you to the actors in the book trailer, the actors who were filmed for James Franco's art installation, and the student filmmakers, who were all wonderful:  Andre Amarotico, Leah Victoria Bleich, Carolyn Burt, Ethan Cohen, Robert de Geus, Regina Victoria Fields, Katryna Fogel, Jonathan Friduss, Pierre Gerard, Stone Green, Ethan Hausser, Carly King, Rebecca Krieger, Owen Lewis, Amelia Saliba Long, Colin Marchon, Finn Mayer, Ty Mayer, Caroline Moley, Ivy  Sanders Schneider, Lisie Sabag, Lindsey Salazar, and Evelyn Wang.