Sneak Preview

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Male Drama
Risk of Partying       
Source: The real Amir recounted this event to me about his experiences in Iran.  (Written by Betsy Franco)

"Tonight, we're gathering at Suri's apartment, arriving one by one, for her birthday.  I know what I am risking.  I have just taken the exam for university.  If I am caught dancing, I will be arrested and hauled off to the army.  On my way to Suri's, I pass many checkpoints.  They are all over Teheran.  The morality police can arrest us for wearing our hair too long, for having short sleeves, for walking with a girl who is not a relative."

Female Comedy
My Full Weave
 This monologue is based on stories told to me by Regina Victoria Fields. (Written by Betsy Franco)

Dina: "I got myself right over to that game and sure enough, there she was standing real close to him under the stands.  I pulled her aside to set her straight, but she was having none of it.  She takes off her doorknocker earrings and hands them to a friend, like she's getting ready to fight me! I could see all the money and pain I’d put into that weave passing before my eyes.  Know what I mean?  She knew damn well she could rip out those tracks that Shanice had just sewn in."

Male Comedy
Tripping on Lotus
The Art of Love—the sequel to Metamorphosis, Junior Year and a novel in development—by Betsy Franco.

"She stopped at the shrimp-girl with fancy shoes and chopsticks and said it was her favorite.  She even looked me right in the eyes and smiled her half-smile.  Then she flipped the pages again and said, "I'd really like to get in your pants."
    "I really like this one with the ants."
     Wow, my mind was doing some kind of contortionist routine—I knew I'd better be really careful!"

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