Thursday, July 7, 2011

21 Monologues for 
Teen Actors
written by Betsy Franco
Originally performed for an art installation created by James Franco

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Looking for a 1 to 2 minute monologue for an audition, a class, a presentation?  
Click here to purchase 21 Monologues for Teen Actors.

While sitting on the audition panel for my play, "Metamorphosis, Junior Year," I realized how difficult it was for teens to find high-quality monologues and decided to write this book.

I wrote the 21 monologues in four categories:
         Female comedy
         Female drama
         Male comedy
         Male drama
Although they are divided into male and female monologues, they are not all gender exclusive.
These monologues are all included in my scripts of "Metamorphosis, Junior Year" and "Irrepressible" and were performed at the Palo Alto Children's Theatre in 2011. They were also filmed at the theater by my son, James Franco. 
-Betsy Franco 

Praise for 21 Monologues:
"It's almost uncomfortable to see how in-tune my mother is with teen emotions... She must have known every crazy thought that was running through my mind when I was that age." - Dave Franco

"They [the teen actors] were great, very natural." - James Franco
after filming the monologues at the Palo Alto Children's Theatre

"The first thing out of the casting director's mouth was, 'What a wonderful piece [Like Apollo and Daphne].  Why haven't we heard this yet?'" - Regina Victoria Fields
at her first major theater audition in San Francisco

"Fear of Dogs worked brilliantly and was great to showcase my abilities." - Rebecca Krieger
 after her acceptance to TheatreWorks' New Works Conservatory

"A monologue from Metamorphosis, Junior Year got me my first lead role. Thanks for that, Betsy! - Ethan Hausser